Boxer - Young - Female
Adoptable Medium Up-to-date with routine shots

I would like to introduce a new SOS rescued family, Vallery and her Pallery of pups.
I was contacted last weekend by a gentleman that works for the forestry division (through referral from a couple FB friends).
He originally heard a loud whining in the woods (in Millen, GA) and came across a puppy that was all alone. That puppy was placed in a friend’s home and they proceeded to bottle feed and care for him.
WELL.. where there is one tiny 4 week old baby, there is almost surely more somewhere ??
Yes, within a couple days they found three more puppies and saw the mommy run into the woods where she had been living.
He borrowed a live trap from a friend and called me days later, on Wednesday, May 31 and asked if he could bring the mom and puppies to SOS.
When I met him down the road so he could follow me to SOS, I did a quick peek in the back of his truck, saw three puppies in a cardboard box and one puppy was in the bed of the truck and mama in the live trap.
Upon arriving at SOS and taking the puppies and mama out, there were six puppies total. ??
****scratching head***
How did they “multiply” in just 5 minutes on the road!?!?
No growling or snarling from mama, just looking at us, with questionable eyes as I’m sure she was wondering “WHAT NEXT”????
She came out of the live trap and into the kennel within just a couple of minutes and the 6 pups began nursing immediately.
Although still uncertain of humans, Vallery has stood still a few times and allowed me to rub her head to tail.
I was hoping for a friend in Rescue to take this family, but unforeseen circumstances came up and they cannot take them in, SO.. Vallery and her Pallery of Pups will be SOS fur kids.

Just when you think you have them ALL, your worst fears(that any were left behind to fend for themselves in the woods) come true ??
Received a text message yesterday that the forester found 2 more of Vallery’s babies is the woods in Millen, GA.
Both were barely able to walk, ant bites all over their little bodies, covered in fleas, totally dehydrated and malnourished. He took them to a local rescuer who stayed up all night, giving it all she had to save them.
Unfortunately, one of them died at 5am.
We met her daughter in Statesboro yesterday to get a precious package for Vallery ??????
This little boy, who Kevin named FOREMAN, is now with this mama and siblings.
Although much thinner than his siblings, I do believe Foreman will thrive and “catch up” with them soon.
He was so hungry while waiting in line at Tractor Supply, so this mama opened the can of chicken & rice puppy food and he ate 1/4 can of it out of my hand ??
With a FULL tummy and being cuddled as close as he could get to me, he soon was sound asleep ??
#1- Vallery and I want to thank the man who took the time to rescue these babies and the sweet woman who stayed up all night to try to save them and cared enough to contact me so that I could reunite this baby with his mama.
#2- please pray that there are no more of her puppies out there in the woods and if there are, that someone finds them and gets them to safety ASAP
Please consider donating for Vallery and her NOW seven puppies who are about five weeks old .
Or mail donation to:
SOS Save Our Souls
1232 W E Callaway RD
Claxton, GA 30417