Labrador Retriever - Spaniel - Baby - Male
Adoptable Medium Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shots

A young lady saw 2 puppies for many days on her way to work and on her way home. Her and her husband had tried and tried to get close to the pups but could not get within 1000 feet of them. So she asked if I could try.
That night (Tuesday), took 2 small traps and coyote trap. Baited all 3 with canned cat food and late that night they went back to check traps and both puppies were in the trap.
The little girl now named ” Crystal” is white with black and the little boy, now named “Josh” is black & white and feathered like a spaniel. As you can see in the photos, they were slam full of ticks from head to toe covered in fleas and sores and emaciated with every rib bone, hip bone, butt bone, back bone sticking out.
Their gums were white as snow due to anemia.
I asked the couple many times if they were sure those were the only two puppies they seen and they were sure.
THEN.. received another phone call this morning from the young lady and she said that she had found another one on her way to work so we went and picked this little boy up, now named “Jaimee”.
It is obvious they are all related. Estimated date of birth is March 15, 2017 .
All 3 babes went to the vet today and got baths and parvo test. Parve NEGATIVE ????
This morning, all 3 had puppy food with Capstar, Panacur and tapeworm meds.
They are now clean, feeling MUCH better after some dinner with Dyne and lots of fresh water and all cuddled up on a blankie in the crate with a fan blowing on them.
All 3 pups went for spay/neuter and check ups. All 3 are doing great! Ready for their furever homes!

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