Tani…rescued from shelter 12/9/2014

Rescue Day!

Rescue Day!


Yulee…rescued from a shelter on 12/9/2014

Rescue Day!

Rescue Day!

Just me and my rescue angel!

Just me and my rescue angel!

I'm so happy to be rescued from that shelter!

I’m so happy to be rescued from that shelter!

I can chill now that I know I am safe!

I can chill now that I know I am safe!

Shanels Angels…6 unexpected ANGELS born 11/14/2014

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Six Swans…3 days old, rescued 12/11/2014 after mom was hit by car and unable to care for babies due to her injuries and recovery needs

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Myrage rescued 12/12/2014 after owner passed away…

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Springfield Dog Expo 11/15/2014

Springfield Dog Expo 11/15/2014

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SOS joined in on the fun at the Springfield Dog Expo on Saturday November 15, 2014 by having a booth for the public to visit and see some of our rescued dogs that are looking for their FURever homes. We asked for, and got volunteers that climbed out of their warm beds on this very cold morning, ready to do anything and everything needed!  The best part of the morning was the dogs all got a chance to meet new people and strut their stuff, play and just have a great time!

A Dog’s Soul

A Dog’s Soul

149Every dog must have a soul

Somewhere deep inside

Where all his hurts and grievances

Are buried with his pride.

Where he decides the good and bad,

The wrong way from the right,

And where his judgement carefully

Is hidden from our sight.

A dog must have a secret place

Where every thought abides,

A sort of close acquaintance that

He trusts in and confides.

And when accused unjustly for

Himself, he cannot speak

Rebuked, he finds within his soul

The comfort he must seek.

He’ll love, tho’he is unloved,

And he’ll serve tho’badly used,

And one kind word will wipe away

The times when he’s abused.

Altho’ his heart may break in two

His love will still be whole,

Because God gave to every dog

An understanding Soul.

In Loving Memory of Sherlock Holmes

In Loving Memory of Sherlock Holmes

SherlockIn Loving Memory of Sherlock Holmes Who Went to Rainbow Bridge 2/14/12

By: SOS Save Our Souls Animal Rescue

The journey with you was unfortunately short but filled with amazing love

Now you’ve crossed over Rainbow Bridge to meet all the other angels above

As I stroked your head with one hand and kept the other on your heart

The memories were like a screenplay of a true love story from the start

How appropriate for you to leave this world on Valentine’s Day

If I didn’t know better, I’d believe you had it all planned out this way

Your soft eyes and compassionate nature will forever be on my mind

No matter how many angels I rescue, you will always be one of a kind

We understood each other as best friends do without a word spoken

Now that you are gone, my heart and spirit are severely broken

Thank you for allowing me to be yours until your last heartbeat

From the day departing the shelter when you jumped in the front seat

The late night rides in the country as you rode shotgun by my side

Saying no to you was impossible, no matter how much I tried

I will miss you dear Sherlock Holmes, for you were a wonderful friend

Faithful, loving, compassionate, soulful, endearing til the very end